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Physical Security

Protect your people and your property.

Keys are so passé, embrace 21st century solutions

Reduce stress within your organization by implementing intuitive Physical Security tools that keep your people, property, and workplace safe.

With the help of video surveillance systems and access control, you can know who is on your property at all times, even from your phone.


Did you know?


of companies consider Physical Security as a top priority.


of companies have expressed an increase in Physical Security in the last year.



of businesses are following proper Physical Security best practices.

Are You Facing Any of These Security Challenges?

Outdated Equipment

Is your current security behind the times?

Non-Scalable Technology

Does your technology allow growth or changes?

Lack of Integration

Struggling to manage multiple security solutions with different applications?

No Access Control

Do you know who is coming in and out of your office?

Employee Turnover

Are employees freely coming and going before you can trust them?

No Alerts or Notifications

How are you supposed to know instantly of an issue without notifications to your phone and email.

It’s Time to Protect, Deter, and Alert Your Team.

Automatic Updates

Automatic firmware updates to keep your technology up-to-date at all times.

Grows As You Grow

Your business changes and your technology should too.

Seamlessly Integrates

Integrate with existing network equipment such as IP phones, computers, and access points.

Access Control

Support your dynamic workforce, enabling time-based access and audit logs

Instant Smart Alerts

Get instant notifications in the event of a security breach.

Monitor From Anywhere

Conveniently access via mobile apps and browsers.

Meet Our Trusted Technology Partners.

Getting Started in 5 Easy Steps



We start by seeing what Physical Security tools you are currently using including software, ease of use, and functionality.


Our team of security experts will create a tailored plan based on what areas you want to monitor.


Next, we will install your new and custom Physical Security solutions and educate your team on how to use them.


We will keep in contact with your leaders to ensure you are getting the most out of your new security tools.


Our technicians will conduct ongoing account reviews to ensure you’re satisfied with your new technology and that you are seeing the results you’re looking for.

Protect Your People and Your Property with Millennium.

When you select Millennium for Physical Security, you’ll receive:

  • Professional On-Site Service
  • Automatic Provisioning & Deprovisioning
  • Reduce Your Insurance Bill
  • Hardware and Software Maintenance
  • Greater Peace of Mind

We make technology easy.

Learn more today by requesting a conversation with a Millennium representative.

Get Your Free Technology Assessment

In our assessment, you’ll receive a fact-based report that identifies areas in which you can improve your current security.

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